Download From University to Village Hall here. Published July 18th 2005
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Libri’s review of the library data from 2003/4 together with highlights of other events in the library world over the past 12 months. In view of the almost zero advances made in the majority of areas – this report says the public library service ‘Must try harder’ or the precipice looms.

Download The death of the Library Book here and its spreadsheet here. Published October 18th 2004
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Libri's analysis of the 2002/3 data is contained in this press release. The spreadsheet gives details of the best and worst performing library authorities.

Download Who’s in Charge? here. Published April 27th 2004
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Tim Coates controversial paper describing the precarious state of the public library system in the UK as a result of failing to meet the needs of the public. The paper describes what needs to be done to restore the service to its pre-eminent position. Tim says this…. “Public libraries have failed to meet the need for a broad range of books and reading material; the need for libraries to be open at times when users are able to visit; the need for the entire community to find libraries to be clean, welcoming places to visit and in which to study.”

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