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Living Diary: March 2002

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March 2002

  • Multiple-subject diaries: Subjects are shown separately, but you will need to search texts within each designated day

03  NHS Revolution: new role for nurses - Good week for Human Rights - "National identity" should be cultural, not constitutional - Byers' conflict with PR-man Sixsmith - Globalise the Left! - LibDems: Could they move to the right? - Fireworks freedom challenged - Private pensions crumble - Govt should not back private firms, says Sam Brittan

06  Socialism in the air - Revive Old Age Pension, extend National Savings - Keep Post Office public - Big Banks, Small Customers

09  Thatcherism finally unravels - Railtrack: the ultimate Tory booby-trap - NHS: parallels with Railtrack - Corporate sector, fragile structures - PFI should read Public Finance Initiative - Jerusalem: new UN status needed - Iraq: War should not be used - US Trade Protectionism - EU: Avoid a written constitution

13  Drugs Law Reform: Misleading signs - Police matter: Blunkett and the Police - Constitutional centrality of Human Rights - Oppressing Smokers - UK housing turmoil - Understanding foreign languages

17  Berlusconi might be right - Japan: Lack of public confidence - Labour Party: Need for internal reforms - Enron: Problem is systemic, not company-specific - Corporate management: enforce personal liability - Regulators? They are a sign of failure - Down with private prisons!

21  Japan: More troubles for the Japanese - Regulators: Insider blows whistle - School bus services: should they be public or private? - Taming the Corporations: my speech at Bridgend

25  Community policing: sad loss of Brian Paddick, at Lambeth - Clare Short, and Tanzania's ATC system - Corporations: no nationality, no allegiance, no morals -  Green Belts: challenge from Rowntree Trust - Condominium housing: new formula proposed

28  Public v Private: drawing the line - Don't pay Grandma for babysitting! - Carlton & Granada: they should not be allowed to abandon ITV Digital - Smacking children: Scots ban - Human Rights: gradual beneficial effect - My New Socialist Settlement challenged

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