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Council Election Special



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Council Election Special

The countdown for the 10 June Council elections has started.  When the Campaign starts, on 5 May, I shall become the Labour Party Candidate for the Tory Ward of Oystermouth - for ease of reference, this webpage retains a number of the more "political" recent topics highlighted here

Voter apathy 
a new perspective 
29 March 2004

I do not subscribe to current theories about "voter apathy".  I am in the process, this weekend, of writing my own Ward Manifesto, for my election campaign in June, when I am seeking election to Swansea City Council.  And I know that the issues raised are of keen importance to local residents - everything has a city focus, is comprehensible, and relevant.

What if the electors, in staying away at General Elections, are simply reluctant to endorse a highly-centralised London Government machine, staffed by career politicians?  And what if at local elections, abstention is driven by the parallel perception that Councils no longer "make a difference", given the dominance of Westminster?  What if centralised governance has fallen victim to its own ubiquitous success?

What if the voters are, albeit subconsciously, deliberately refusing to bestow legitimacy upon an unpopular constitutional settlement, which offers them no effective involvement? 

  • Would they respond more enthusiastically to a localised, federal Constitutional settlement, in which more genuine power were vested -
    in Swansea? 

    I suspect the answer to that question is YES. gratuitous insult.

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The Fabians are a great, enlightened Left-Wing political community some 7,000-strong - and we have many skills among our number.

And I also ask you to consider throwing your weight behind the human rights cause... You can sign up here as -

Left Activists' Corner

I have three moderately-left political projects to engage your interest, in 2004 - nothing too revolutionary, you understand - and for your delight I retain the Royal Mail stamps for February, which are light-hearted and good fun...

(a) Company Reform Coalition targeting a major Easter pow-wow in London;

(b) Questors - the birth of a new profession, group planning expansion;

(c) Labour Links, seeking to unlock the resources of the Labour Party - and I seek the opportunity to speak to Party groups about Party reform

  • Let me know what you think    

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Electoral Doldrums 
17 April 2004

We Labour Party stalwarts all have a sense of weakening political drive.  Recent pictures of Bush and Blair smiling inanely at each other are deeply shaming to Labour, deeply humiliating for the rank-and-file. 

There is no sense that UK politics are being driven by any vision of the Good Society - of fairness, of equality, of generosity of spirit.  Blair has, for the Labour Party, destroyed its idealism, leaving a Party with its spiritual core eaten away.

At local level, we are going through the motions.  These coming elections will demand a massive effort of will and energy, out of a bare dedication to an enduring Party tradition.  Those of us who are left in the Party are on autopilot. This residue is determined not to resign, because that would be to concede victory to the vacuous and unprincipled Blairite faction.

  • I must get my local Manifesto written, this weekend.  Without any enthusiasm.

Electoral Legalities 
31 March 2004

The institutionalisation of political parties has made elections far more complex territory.  The three Swansea Constituency Parties met for the first time this week, for instruction by Party officials in the new legalities.  I was there, as a prospective Labour candidate.

Labour now appoints "Legal Coordinators" as well as Election Agents, realising that the traditional "agents" of local politics are unlikely to get on top of the new requirements of registration.  Indeed, no candidate is required to appoint any "agent" at all: every candidate is free do his own thing.  But the complexities encircle. This all consolidates the image of "politics" as a highly professional field of endeavour, in which ordinary folk are likely to sink without trace.  The Nolan "declaration of interest" rules are another example of this development, about which I have the greatest misgivings.

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